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PART L Compliance

Part L 2019 Cover Page.png

The Irish Building Regulations Part L 2019 "Conservation of Fuel & Energy-Dwellings" sets out maximum Energy usage (MPEPC) and maximum Carbon Emission Levels (MPCPC) for dwellings which can be achieved with increased insulation levels, minimising thermal bridging, increasing air tightness of the building envelope and providing an efficient heating system with effective controls.

All New Build Dwellings that have commenced work on or after the 1st November 2019 will have to comply with TGD Part L 2019.

 All new dwellings are also now permitted to use some form of renewable energy, such as Solar or PV Panels, or Heat pump Technoogy. This is enforced in order to help mitigate the use of fossil fuels in all new dwellings.

A-Tech Energy Engineering can provide guidance and advice on how to achieve Compliance with Part L 2019 in a cost effective manner. Having extensive knowledge in Renewable Energy Technologies and having prepared numerous BER Specifications for Architects/ Contractors,   A-Tech Energy can advise on a particular technology/ heating strategies that best suits your project. ​We also provide guidance and specification on Commercial New Builds to Part L Building Regulations 2017.

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