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Energy Auditing/ Thermal Imaging


An Energy Audit will identify issues in the building that contribute to high gas or electricity bills. An onsite inspection is conducted to evaluate the current energy performance of the building, in respect to the fabric of the building and the heating and lighting systems within the building. The report will outline recommended improvement measures that can reduce such high energy bills and also outline the cost benefits and payback period of each measure.


An Energy Audit will include a Thermal Imaging analysis of the existing building heat loss fabric, which can easily identify high heat loss areas and illustrate the impact of having poor glazing, poorly insulated walls/ roofs etc and also identify air leakage. This Thermal Analysis can then be used to provide tailor made solutions to reduce high heat loss and in turn reduce energy bills.


A-Tech Energy Engineering can prepare comprehensive Energy Audits for both Commercial and Domestic properties, allowing the client to upgrade their building in a cost effective and economically feasible manner. This in turn will lead to a reduction on your energy bills and your carbon footprint along with improving the quality of comfort within the building. Computer based modelling is used to take into account many variables affecting energy use, and using these variables, improvement measures can be calculated.


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