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 Sound Insulation Testing   (CCIBAM Qualifications)

Works that have commenced from 1 July 2015 on New Build Semi-Detached Dwellings & Apartments are permitted to have a sound test carried out, as stated in the new amendments of the Technical Guidance Document Part E Sound 2014.
The above mentioned dwelling types will now have to meet requirements which will reduce both Airborne Sound and Impact Sound through the building fabric from one dwelling/apartment to the next.
The new Regulations also apply to Existing Buildings ie. works involving a material change of use that result in a building (or part thereof) becoming used as one or more dwellings.
The Sound Test also applies to new extensions of a dwelling that may be attached to another building.
A-Tech Energy Engineering is proud to announce that Sound Insulation Testing will be provided to Residential developers to assist in demonstrating compliance with current Building Regulations. Micheál has a Certificate of Competence in Building Acoustics Measurements (CCIBAM Ireland 2015) and has performed several sound insulation tests for Part E Compliance. For more information on the new requirements of TGD Part E, Call now on 087 2614097 and Micheál will answer all your queries. 
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